Quaser SKF Spindle from South Africa


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Upon arrival, every spindle is logged into our production tracking software system. Any issues associated with incoming condition as related to transit are noted.[...]

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The spindles are prioritized and moved to either the disassembly technicians or to the spindle run-up room, depending on the circumstances. Our techs carefully break down the spindle into its component parts while meticulously noting their general condition as well as specific damage to them. They also photograph the process and perform a full dimensional inspection to identify excessive wear which may help identify the cause of failure.

Once the initial disassembly and evaluation are completed, the spindle is given a second look by our production manager who reviews & completes the evaluation. He will identify the mode of failure and all pertinent issues, as well as recommended corrective actions. Many evaluations are not complete until the production manager consults with the head of our grinding & machining department. We often have recommendations for additional steps the customer can take to prevent premature spindle failure in the future. We call on our 30 plus years of experience rebuilding spindles to come to these conclusions.

After our purchasing department sources all replacement part costs & lead times, the quote is generated, given a final check and communicated to the customer for approval. Once we have received the approval, production is scheduled and parts are ordered. All spindle parts are carefully cleaned and any grinding or machining operations are completed. Only when all components are available and qualified does the spindle proceed to our spindle assembly technicians. These highly trained professionals assemble all the spindle components and then perform a rigorous break-in process which may include dynamic balancing as well as thermal & vibration analysis depending on the type of spindle. After a final quality control check is performed, the spindle is given back to our shipping department, carefully boxed to minimize the possibility of in-transit damage and shipped back to you, our customer. Hide Details

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