Bryant WBA Grinder Spindle Repair

Bryant WBA Grinder Spindle Repair

Bryant WBA Grinding Spindle
70,000 rpm
Thru Tool Coolant

An automotive company in the mid-west contacted me regarding their Bryant grinding spindles. Their ID Bryant spindles were only lasting from 1 week to 3 months between repairs. The repair company they were using was voiding the warranties sighting contamination and charging them for full repairs. At $5000.00 or more each repair the costs were adding up. They felt a repair company should be trying to solve the cause of failures and reduce the total repair expenditures.

That’s when they called Northland Tool & Electronics. We evaluated their process and put a program in place to identify the failure causes and provide solutions for them. Upon evaluation of the first few spindles we found that the previous repair facility had used inferior bearings that were not capable of the speed the spindles were run at. The spindles were also filled with coolant causing the bearings to fail prematurely. The more we dug into the spindles the more we found. Inferior machining/grinding practices were used and major spindle parts had been replaced incorrectly changing the dynamics of the bearing lubrication system.

When we completed the testing process we determined the most cost effective route to eliminate the failures. The previous poor workmanship and a spindle design that was prone to contamination needed to be fixed. We modified the spindle to resist coolant contamination and fixed or replaced the damaged parts. We also gave the customer testing procedures to implement during installation to insure longer spindle life.

Our repairs are now 50% cheaper than their previous vendor and we have increased the spindle life to years instead of months.


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