Ares Seiki Spindle Repair

This spindles drawbar system was starting to fail. This can be a very dangerous situation especially if the tool is dropped while rotating. We reconditioned the drawbar and performed all the tests needed to qualify the BIG PLUS taper system functioned properly.

Possible cause of failure:
Customer indicated that spindle was noisy, had poor part finish & occasionally dropped tools.
Customer sometimes uses Big-Plus tooling. Taper & face contact good with supplied tooling.
Very low drawbar force incoming.
Front bearings gritty, rear bearings had some fretting & corrosion, excessive grease in all bearings.
Grippers & drive dogs exhibit light wear, no need for replacement.

Recommended action:

Clean, inspect overall dimensions.
Replace bearings, Bellevilles & o-rings.
Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.
Note: customer should check for possible leaking rotary union.


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