Boneham GS7433 Spindle Add Air Purge


Possible cause of failure: Grease in rear bearings is discolored, indicating contamination. Customer toe tagged the spindle requesting installation of a front air purge & kiss grind of the hub taper. Hub taper has rubout damage from a spinning hub. Gap is too low to kiss so it will need GPG. Front housing ID is egged & tapered +5/-10µ (ISO is ±6.5µ)


Recommended action: Clean, inspect overall dimensions. Machine 10/32'' threaded air purge inlet hole in nose of spindle housing, install 1/8'' x 10/32'' push connect fitting. Create air purge path in front housing nut & cover. Grind, chrome plate & finish grind hub taper & front housing ID. Replace bearings & Listo seal. Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.


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