Bridgeport / SKF VMC 1000 Spindle Repair

Bridgeport / SKF VMC 1000 Spindle Rebuild

Our customer pulled this spindle when the rear of the spindle started to make noise. It appears that the rotary union started to leak and the coolant found its way into the rear roller bearing. The grease was washed out and the roller failed.

Possible cause of failure:
Catastrophic rear roller failure, #1 front bearing needs replacement
Rear of spindle is coated in coolant residue (drive pulley and rear cover) the rotary union may have
been leaking, customer did not send it in with the spindle.
Taper has good run out, but is showing signs of wear (pock marks) and is not at Big-Plus specifications.
Gripper fingers are starting to show wear including stepping at point of contact.

Repair action:
Clean, inspect overall dimensions.
Replace bearings, o-rings, seals, bellevilles, and grippers.
Kiss grind the taper – customer will not be able to use Big-Plus tooling
Customer should replace the rotary union.
Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.


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