C&M PU2116 Spindle Repair

Our customers process creates an abundance of small chips that are difficult to remove from the spindle during the manufacturing process due to the geometries of the part they manufacture. These chips work their way into the space between the spindle shaft and housing and over time rub the rotating parts damaging the spindle. We have been able to extend the spindle life considerably through proper repair practices. We replace the worn parts of the spindle with parts manufactured in our machining and grinding departments and make sure the tolerances are as tight as possible decreasing the possibility of chips getting into areas where they can damage parts.

Possible causes of failure:

  • Spindle arrived seized
  • Metal pieces from customer’s machining process got in between the housing and shaft causing it to lock up
  • The front housing is heavily damaged
  • Front and rear seal surfaces are worn

Details of repair:

  •   Clean, inspect overall dimensions
  •   Replace bearings, ball thrust, needle roller and seals
  •   Grind chrome plate and regrind rear journal, front seal surface
  •   Grind chrome plate and regrind actuator shaft
  •   Grind chrome plate and regrind front and rear housings
  •   Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection

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