Colombo RV110

Colombo RV110.22 18,000 rpm Wood Router Spindle
This Colombo wood router spindle repair arrived with the shaft seized. The drawbar nut had backed off and rubbed against the actuator causing the spindle to fail. Our breakdown technician found that the drawbar had score marks from the bellevilles, bearings were destroyed, front and rear shaft journals were out of ISO specification and taper had 5 microns of run out. Our grinding department ground the shaft journals, the journals were chrome plated and then finish ground to tolerance. The taper was kiss ground. The spindle went to the spindle repair technician after all of these services were complete. The assembly technician is responsible for replacing bearings, bellevilles and drawbar functionality. They assemble the spindle, test run and balance. The quality control department then inspects the workmanship of the spindle repair technician.

The spindle was then boxed and shipped out to the customer.

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