Gamfior E13833

24,000 rpm HSK Taper
Our customer was having continuous failures on this type of spindle in their plant. The spindles were only lasting 2 to 3 months between repairs from the previous vendor. Our incoming evaluation showed that the previous rebuilder had not been holding the proper tolerances on the shaft and housing dimensions. This particular spindle failed because they had ground plate ground the ball cage housing to tight and with poor surface finish. The shaft was unable to properly expand which loaded the bearings causing the premature failures. Spindle OEM’s have varying specifications of bearing tolerances on spindles to accommodate the speed and load characteristics needed from the spindle. Rebuilders need to be aware of and understand these design properties to incorporate them in the repair plan. If a rebuilder uses the “ISO spec from the book” or outside vendors for grind plate grinds poor spindle life will be the result.

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