Grosite 383000 Reconditioned to perform like new


Tired, old bearings & worn out tooling interface Grosite 383000, 7200 RPM, grease bearing lubrication, pulley driven When we disassembled this spindle from our customer’s K.O. Lee surface grinder we found light contamination inside, but the spindle failed simply because the permanent bearing grease had dried up after years of service. Similarly, the wheel hub OD taper was worn with >12µ of runout, and the hub retention threads were very tired as well.


To alleviate the excessive runout, we performed a kiss grind of the wheel hub OD taper in-house on one of our Kellenberger grinding machines. We also freshened up the hub retention threads in our machine shop. We then reassembled the spindle with all new bearings & assembly screws. We test ran the spindle for 4 hours to break in the new grease while closely monitoring the vibration & thermal characteristics. The rebuilt spindle is performing like a champ and we will wait another 10 years or so for the grease to give up the ghost.


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