Hardinge VMC800II Spindle Rebuild

Possible cause of failure:

    • #4 bearing of the front quad set failed, the cage came apart. Debris from the cage also got into the #3 bearing.
    • The grease in the rear roller,#1,#2,#3 looks reasonably clean.
    • Draw bar shaft is pitted, belleville’s look worn.
    • It appears their actuator may be pushing down the drawbar too far and over loading the rear bearing’s causing spindle’s to fail prematurely.
    • This may also be part of their issue if someone over adjusted for a knock out issue from worn belleville’s.
    • Rear roller housing is +3/+5 (iso is +2/-13).

Recommended action:

    • Clean, inspect overall dimensions.
    • Replace bearing’s, belleville’s, o-ring’s
    • Replace drawbar assembly.
    • Grind, chrome plate and finish grind the rear roller housing.
    • Customer should check their actuator for over adjustment to prevent over loading the rear pair of the quad set of bearings.
    • Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.


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