Heald Gamfior GP90S Repair

90,000 RPM ID grinding spindle
These spindles were made for Heald by Gamfior in Italy. Special care must be taken during this repair to make sure all tolerances are held. Balance, bearing fits, taper run out and size, ball cage fits, stator condition and alignments are extremely critical at 90,000 rpm.

Possible cause of failure:
• Catastrophic front bearing failure from a crash, large chip in pilot.
• Ball cage balls are pitted and rusted.
• Field over heated and started to melt when bearing failed.
• Rear shaft journal is -8/-9 (iso is +/-2.5).
• Rear housing ball cage is loose -8/-9(they are usually line to line 0/+2).
• Main spindle housing od is very rusted and pitted,so is the electrical junction block.

Recommended action:
• Clean, inspect overall dimensions.
• Manufacture a new shaft.
• Replace balls in ball cage.
• Grind chrome plate and finish grind the rear bearing housing od for proper fit with ball cage.
• Rewind stator.
• Repair worn electrical box.
• Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.

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