Hyundai-Kia VX500 Bearing failure from contamination


Hyundai-Kia VX500, 10,000 RPM, grease bearing lubrication, belt drive

Bearing failure from contamination, poor tooling contact

The spindle bearings felt very rough when rotated by hand in assembly incoming. Coolant contamination was found throughout the spindle interior. When the #4 rear bearing failed, the rolling element cage was destroyed and the debris had migrated to the other three bearings. We removed bearings with steel balls from this spindle, but the decision was made to upgrade to bearings with ceramic balls as removed from (and replaced in) the customer's other identical spindles. The tooling taper ID was worn with poor & extremely uneven tool contact. The spindle-side half of the rotary union was in good condition, however we recommend replacement of the entire union as best PM practice. We observed no significant dimensional deviations on the bearing journals or shoulders, or in the housing bores.  


We performed a grind, chrome plate & finish grind of the tooling taper ID. When all components had been thoroughly cleaned, we reassembled the spindle with new ceramic bearings, setting the proper preload. We replaced the gripper balls, rotary union, seals, o-rings & assembly screws. Our final QC process included a test of tool retention force and vibration & thermal analysis during our run-up.


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