Ingersol T1500 Spindle Repair

This spindle, from the automotive industry, came to us from a long time customer of ours through integrated supply. The 50 taper was worn and the gearbox was leaking oil into the front bearings causing them to fail.

Our evaluation found the graphite seal between the transmission and the main spindle was damaged.

This spindle was ground on one of our Kellenburger grinders and all the replacement parts were manufactured in our specialized machining department. The spindle was assembled in our clean room and test run. The test stand for this spindle was specially made by Northland Tool. It is complete with vacuum system, oil pump and a specialized drive system. This allows us to duplicate the machines support systems letting us run the spindle as close to “real life” as possible. It has taken over 30 years for Northland Tool to acquire the knowledge and equipment to complete these types of repairs. Use caution when choosing your spindle repair company as many will portray they are equipped when in fact they are not.

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