Johnford DMC 2100H Spindle Failure


Possible cause of failure: Fretting on shaft OD from #3 bearing back to the end, rear bearings ID fretted Nut loading the quad set & locating ring was tight, nut for the pulley & tail support bearings was loose. Shaft tail had 145µ runout in assembly, likely source of fretting. Runout on bare shaft was acceptable. Shaft taper has poor contact with an 8-12µ window at the mouth. .


Recommended action: Clean, inspect overall dimensions. Kiss grind shaft taper. Kiss grind shoulders on seal cover, labyrinth ring, bearing spacers, locating ring & pulley to reduce tail runout. Replace bearings, screws & o-rings. Upgrade tail support bearings to appropriate speed rating. Adjust preload, assemble, check balance, and break in. Final quality control inspection.


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