Kitamura 3XIF Spindle Bearing Failure


Cause of failure: Rear roller bearing failed which allowed debris to contaminate the #3 & #4 bearings (rearmost in front quad set.) Rear housing ID is within ISO, but is +2/-6µ egged & tapered, possibly contributed to the rear roller failure. Tooling taper has poor contact and 4-5µ runout. Drawbar was very rusty, the gripper (collet) outer sleeve was rusted to the spacer collar. Grippers have heavy wear.


Repair action: Clean, inspect overall dimensions. Grind, chrome plate & finish grind the rear housing ID. Kiss grind the tooling taper. Replace ceramic bearing quad set & rear rolller bearing, grippers (collet), outer sleeve & spacer collar. Replace rotation prevention nut, front & rear labyrinth rings, o-rings & assembly screws. Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.


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