Matsuura ES450H Spindle Rebuild

Matsuura ES450H Spindle Repair


Matsuura ES450H grease lubrication, Coupling drive, 12,000 rpm   We receive spindles from Canada on a monthly basis. One of our longtime customers has been using us for years on their Matsuura spindles. The customer notified us that this spindle was coming in and needed some work. When we received the spindle it could not be run up as the spindle was seized. The spindle was disassembled. We found the rear roller outer race was cracked and the cage was destroyed. The rear roller was destroyed as it was not rated for the 12,000 rpm that the customer runs the spindle. The taper was in rough shape, the rear housing shoulder was not at ISO specification, the grippers were worn, the drawbar pin and hex were damaged.


We let the customer know that in order to bring this back to the OEM specification we needed to grind, chrome plate and finish grind the taper, kiss grind the rear housing shoulder, replace bearings, grippers, bellevilles, drawbar shaft, seals and orings.


The customers biggest concern was turn time. We quoted 2-3 week on the spindle rebuild. We were able to finish and ship the spindle within the 3 weeks that was required. This customer has always worked with us by providing information, prints, parts list and when necessary a long conversation on what issues they may be having and how NTE can be a part of fixing the issue.


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