Matsuura H Plus 405 Spindle Repair

This Matsuura spindle comes equipped with BIG PLUS tooling capability. Northland Tool works closely with BIG Kaiser to make sure your BIG PLUS spindle repair meets the high standards needed to effectively use their tooling. We are one of the very few spindle rebuilders BIG PLUS has authorized for repair and we are the only authorized repair facility in the eastern United States.

Possible cause of failure:

Shaft taper is in rough shape, it looks like it was hand ground.
Front housing coolant jacket has a deep gouge in it incoming.
Taper face has a deep mark in it, one drive dog has wear.
Gripper finger’s are worn, gripper sleeve is worn, drawbar shaft is worn where the finger’s attach.
Gripper sleeve was previously shimmed trying to increase drawbar force.
Shaft id gripper sleeve shoulder is worn.
Front bearing’s had blue coolant residual starting to get into the grease.
Front housing cover has a couple of cosmetic marks.
Rear roller is not rated for 15,000 rpm.

Recommended action:

Clean, inspect overall dimensions.
Replace bearings, replace rear roller with rated bearing and orings.
Replace shaft, drawbar, drawbar sleeve, grippers.(this comes as a whole unit)
Machine the cover.
Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.


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