Matsuura MAM-72-25V Spindle Rebuild

Matsuura MAM-72-25V Spindle Repair


Matsuura MAM72-25V grease lubrication, coupling drive, 15,000 rpm

This spindle came to us and customer stated that the spindle had severe vibration but no tool retention issues. Incoming test showed the drawbar force was low and the bearings were very rough. The spindle was disassembled. We found catastrophic failure of the front bearing, front housing where the #2 bearing sits was oversized and fretted. This spindle is a grease injected spindle, we typically convert to grease for life bearings.


The customer was quoted for replacing bearings with grease for life bearings, a new drawbar spring, and grind, chrome plate and finish grind of the housing. The spindle was approved. We ground the housing on our Kellenberger grinder. We then balanced and assembled the spindle with all of the required parts. The spindle was tested and passed our quality control department.


The customer now has spindle with no vibration. They are happy with the fact that the spindle is set for life and no longer have to purchase grease for the injection system.


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