Matsuura MAM700 Spindle Repair

15,000 rpm

A spindle failing during a customer’s busy time is not good thing. Our customer called and needed this spindle repair done as soon as possible. We received the spindle and found that the shaft nose OD rubbed out on the front cover. The shaft taper had 18 microns of run out and the front bearings were contaminated. The spindle would need grind, chrome plate and finish grind to the taper, a kiss grind to the OD nose and front cover. We expedited the shaft rework through our Kellenberger grinding department. The shaft was then hand carried to the platers and picked up the following day. The shaft was put on the Kellenberger grinder the same day that it was picked up. Our spindle repair technician replaced the drawbar, springs, grippers, bearings and orings. The taper now has only 1 micron of run out. All out going test show that the spindle had good balance and drawbar force. The customer received their spindle repair back within 4 days.

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