Matsuura RA-3G2 Spindle Bearing Failure


Cause of failure: Spindle was hard to rotate by hand incoming. #1 front bearing failed, outer race is brinelled. Tooling taper looks beat, it is pitted with windows in the chrome, has poor tool contact & 6-8µ runout at the taper. Front bearing shaft journal has light rub out bands, bearing spacer has no visible damage. Rear roller bearing journal & shaft tail have high runout. Gripper fingers are exhibiting more wear than would be typical after 6 months in operation. One front coolant nozzle is damaged


Repair action: Clean, inspect overall dimensions. Grind, chrome plate & finish grind tooling taper & front bearing journal. Kiss grind rear roller journal. Replace bearings, grippers, O-rings, coolant nozzle & assembly screws. Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.


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