Mazak Variaxis 730 Spindle Repair

Mazak Variaxis 730 Spindle Repair

The Mazak VARIAXIS is a highly versatile line of full, simultaneous 5-axis machining centers that perform multiple and complex curved surface machining on large, heavy workpieces in single setups.

Mazak Variaxis 730 Spindle Repair


Upon initial inspection, the spindle felt very rough with loud bearing noise when rotated by hand. The actuator and rear of spindle were heavily contaminated, and it appeared that the rotary union had been leaking coolant for some time. The rear roller bearing suffered catastrophic failure. Encoder sensor was damaged and the encoder ring showed wear. The actuator and drawbar had rubbed out, and the rear of the drawbar shaft had severe damage. Further inspection uncovered that the #1 and #2 front bearings were heavily contaminated with coolant. The tooling taper was pockmarked with uneven tool contact. Gripper fingers (collet) showed significant wear.  


This spindle rebuild required the following actions:
  • Grind, chrome plate, finish-grind BIG Plus 50 taper ID
  • Replace bearings, Bellevilles, oil line, seals, o-rings, and assembly screws
  • Customer obtained and provided the following OEM parts: Rotary union, grippers, encoder, encoder ring, upper drawbar shaft, actuator push plate & ferrules
  • Adjust bearing preload, balance, assemble and break in
  • Pass final quality control inspection


Every Northland Tool repair is covered by our comprehensive 1-year warranty.


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