Meyrat MBC-70 D14/12 Spindle Repair

Meyrat MBC-70 D14/12 Spindle Repair

The Meyrat MBC-70 D14/12 is a Swiss made, belt-driven spindle with grease lubrication and operates at up to 12,000 rpm. These spindles are typically used on Walter CNC tool grinding machines.

Meyrat spindle repair


The customer reported that their Meyrat MBC-70 D14/12 spindle was noisy during operation. Upon initial inspection, the spindle was difficult to rotate by hand and the bearings were very loud. Further investigation revealed catastrophic failure of the front side bearing pair as the cages were completely destroyed. Black dust on the shaft may indicate that the belt was rubbing on the front side housing. No significant dimensional deviations were noted on any critical surfaces.


The following actions were performed for this Meyrat MBC-70 D14/12 spindle repair:
  • Thorough cleaning of all components
  • Replace ceramic bearings
  • Replace o-ring


After adjusting bearing preload, reassembly of all components, and undergoing break-in and testing procedures, this spindle passed our final quality inspection before being returned to our customer with a 1-year warranty.


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