Mitsui Seiki HT3A spindle

Mitsui Seiki HT3A Spindle Rebuild


Our customer contacted us for expedited repair of a Mitsui Seiki HT3A spindle. They indicated that they were experiencing random inconsistencies in the depth of their cuts, varying from +0.001" to +0.007" too deep. Upon initial intake of this spindle we noted that the front bearing middle ID spacer spun on the shaft. Closer inspection revealed that the  spacer was damaged and previously-applied plating was flaking off. Chrome plating was very thin and poorly adhered to the 80mm front bearing journal. During removal of the bearings & spacers, chrome plating was flaking off of the 80mm bearing journal. The CAT #40 tooling taper ID (also previously plated) had excessive run-out measuring 14µm.


We needed to machine a new replacement front bearing middle ID spacer. Extensive grinding was required to address flaking chrome plating and extensive taper run-out. The shaft required a grind, chrome-plate & finish grind to the 80mm front bearing journal & the tooling taper ID. After a thorough cleaning, the spindle was rebuilt with all new bearings and and reassembled with a newly fabricated spacer. When we initially checked with our supplier, they gave us a 4 month lead time for bearings. We were able to source a different vendor for quicker turnaround, and we had this spindle in and out of our facility and back in our customer's hands in 10 days.


Mitsui Seiki HT3A Spindle Repair


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