Mori Seiki NV5000

12,000 rpm
This spindle was crashed causing damage to the front bearings and the BIG PLUS taper. We needed to grind plate grind the taper to bring it back to manufacturers specifications.
Our final QC showed we had less than 2 microns run out on a 13 inch BIG PLUS test bar that repeated over 20 tool changes. The only way to achieve this type of accuracy is to have all the required BIG PLUS test tooling and a close working relationship with BIG PLUS.
Our competition claims to be able to repair BIG PLUS spindles. However, recently we have found several spindles we have had to rebuild after our competition has worked on them because they really have no understanding of the tooling interface and they are not equipped to test the tooling interface. If you need your BIG PLUS spindle repaired always ask the rebuilder if they are certified and for proof they posses the proper test tooling. You will save yourself a lot of aggravation.

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