OKK HP500S Rode hard & put away wet


OKK HP500S, 12000 RPM, grease lubrication, coupling driven

This horizontal machining center spindle was in pretty tough shape when it arrived in our facility: • Significant endplay due to loss of preload from bearing failure • Cracked front labyrinth ring & tool drive keys • Low tool retention force, drawbar assembly difficult to remove, many cracked Bellevilles • Heavy contamination of the permanent grease in the front bearings • Wear in the tooling taper ID severely compromising tool contact • Shaft tail journal damaged & worn significantly undersized by the drive coupling


The lead time on this rebuild was affected by the delivery time of the OEM parts needed (ring and keys.) While we awaited arrival of these parts, we completed the grind, chrome plate and finish grind of the tail journal and the kiss of the taper. After a thorough cleaning of all components, we reassembled the spindle with all new precision bearings, Bellevilles, gripper balls, o-rings and assembly screws. When the OEM parts arrived, we completed the assembly and finished the final test run, trim balance, break-in and outgoing QC. The rebuild lead time is always shorter if we receive the spindles before extensive damage has been done. First, we can avoid having to wait for OEM parts which often have longer lead times than most of the high-precision bearings and other components we install. And second, if there is no significant dimensional damage to the shaft, housing and other major components, we don’t have to run those parts through the machining and grinding side of our shop.


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