Okuma MX40HA Both ends of the shaft need attention


Okuma MX40HA - Grease lubrication, Stator driven, 12,000 rpm

The interior of this horizontal machining center spindle was contaminated with coolant & particulate, including the grease in all bearings. The tooling taper ID had high runout and the chrome was chipping off. The tail journal of the shaft was scored and pitted with excessive runout >10µ. The rear compression ring of the shaft rotor was out of round. Our customer did not provide the drawbar assembly but they did request that we ship a pre-lubricated tail bearing back with the spindle.


We reworked the rear compression ring to insure stability of the rotor on the shaft, and performed a green grind, chrome plate & finish grind of the tooling taper ID & shaft tail journal. After cleaning, we installed the bearings, o-rings & assembly screws. We adjusted the preload, assembled all components, then test ran the spindle to break in the new bearing grease and balanced the spindle before shipping to our customer.


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