Royal Master Spindle Repair

Royal Master Spindle Repair


This Royal Master spindle was partially seized incoming.  Upon disassembly we first noted that the entire interior of the spindle was flooded with coolant.  The bearings failed from coolant contamination, and the #1 front bearing suffered the worst degradation of lubricant.  Lastly, the rear housing was slightly egged 0/+7µ, but within ISO.



The following actions were performed on this Royal Master spindle:

  • Clean, inspect overall dimensions
  • Replace bearings (front quad set & rear pair), o-rings, and assembly screws



After reassembly of all components, adjusting bearing preload, and undergoing break-in and testing procedures, this spindle passed our final quality inspection before being returned to our customer with a 1-year warranty.


  • Royal Master Spindle Repair

    Coolant found in the interior of the spindle

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