Schneider CCP 103 Optical spindle in need of some extra TLC


Schneider CCP 103, 100 RPM, grease lubrication, pulley driven

This spindle is part of a vertical tandem on a machine that polishes ophthalmic lenses to ultra-precise prescription specification. This is the lower spindle which slowly rotates the workpiece while the upper spindle polishes the lens. This particular spindle presented an unusual work scope in that the pulley had somehow been forcibly separated from the rear of the shaft. When this occurred, the dampening assembly contained in the pulley was also completely destroyed. We also observed that the interior of this spindle was heavily contaminated with polishing slurry, more than what is typical for this model. This contamination not only affected the bearings, but caused light corrosion on other internal components.


We machined the sheared remnants of the pulley assembly screws out of the rear of the spindle shaft, and thoroughly cleaned all the other components. We then reassembled the spindle with all new bearings, seals, o-rings and stainless assembly screws. To refurbish the dampening system, we installed a new, custom-fit graphite piston and an improved linkage assembly. We finished this rebuild with our final test run, actuation test, break-in and final QC. Our customers have told us that they love the fact that our rebuild lead time is so much shorter than that of the machine OEM.

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