Shigiya G27-60 Spindle Repair

The shaft of this oil bearing spindle made contact with the bearing during operation causing non repairable damage to the bearing. The cost and delivery of replacement parts from the OEM were not acceptable for our customer. Northland Tool is equipped to manufacture almost any spindle part in our grinding and machining department. We were able to decrease not only the price but the delivery of the parts for this repair significantly.

Possible cause of failure:

• Front shaft bearing journal rubbed out with the bronze oil bearing.
• Front oil bearing is egged from being over tightened.
• Two out of four oil inlet holes are plugged with debris not allowing proper oil flow.
• Oil pressure switch was not functioning, the cable was cut and the switch has not been in use.
• The actuator rod was stuck in the forward position, it would not send a signal to the machine if it lost oil flow.
• Rear bearings were contaminated

Repair action:

• Clean, inspect overall dimensions.
• Grind, chrome plate and finish grind front shaft oil bearing journal.
• Kiss wheel hub taper.
• Manufacture a new front oil bearing.
• Replace bearings, o-ring, pressure switch cable.
• Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.


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