Sonic Mill S10KO Spindle Repair

Sonic Mill S10KO Spindle Rebuild

Description of spindle Purpose:
Rotary ultrasonic machining process uses a power supply that converts conventional line voltage to 20Khz electrical energy. This high-frequency electrical energy is provided to a piezolectric converter that changes the high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical motion. The ultrasonic motion from the converter is amplified and transmitted to the rotary spindle. This causes the diamond tool attached to the spindle to vibrate perpendicular to the tool face thousands of times per second, with no side-to-side motion. This rotation along with the ultrasonic motion enhances the cutting action of the attached diamond-plated or impregnated tool.

Possible cause of failure:

Spindle arrived locked up. Bearing stuck causing a miss alignment and a rub.
Seals are worn out and damaged, loose fit on the shaft.
Seal housing is starting to erode.
Bronze bearing sleeve’s are starting to wear and are slightly damaged

Recommended action:

Clean, inspect overall dimensions.
Replace bearing’s, seal’s, and o-rings.
Sleeve front seal housing.
Manufacture new bronze bearing bushings.
Customer to supply coolant jacket seal kit.
Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.

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