Takisawa MCV-V1E Spindle

This customer has over 700 machine tools operating in their facility. We have done several spindle repairs for their sister plant and this plant was not happy with their current spindle rebuilder.

The spindle arrived at our facility and we started our evaluation. Upon disassembly of the spindle we found the bearing housing was out of round. This caused stress to the rolling elements as they did not have the proper clearance to function properly. The rear shaft nut had been gauled during the last repair by the other rebuilder and needed to be machined off.

The housing was ground plate ground in our grinding department and a new rear nut was manufactured. It is common for us to remanufacture spindle parts as the majority of them are custom to the spindle and can not be purchased.

Once the parts were completed the spindle repair moved to our clean room for assembly by an experienced technician. The spindle was put together using tools designed by Northland Tool & Electronics to ensure the proper assembly practices are followed. The spindle was then test run on our custom test stand duplicating the running speeds it will see in operation.

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