Toyo High speed grinder with swarf in the front bearings and a funky pilot


Toyo HFD05-57, 50,000 RPM, oil mist lubrication, motorized

Our customer has a large population of these high speed grinding spindles which are used in the production of tapered roller bearings for automotive axle and transmission systems. The cause of failure of the hybrid ceramic bearings was typical for this spindle:  heavy contamination of the front pair with grinding swarf. The contamination did migrate to the rear pair, which were also beginning to approach failure. The spindle motor passed all incoming tests, but we did notice a groove worn into the ID of the quill pilot. There were no other significant dimensional deviations of the bearing journals and shoulders, or in the housing bores.


We completed a grind, chrome plate and finish grind to remedy the groove in the ID of the quill pilot, and component balanced the shaft assembly on the Schenck balancer. We rebuilt the spindle with all new hybrid ceramic bearings, gasket, o-rings and assembly screws. We finished this rebuild with our final test run, break-in, trim balance and final QC.

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