Tree VMC 1000 Rebuilt From Parts


A basket case, revived. Tree VMC-1000, 8,000 RPM belt drive, permanent grease lubrication, CAT40 taper This vertical machining center spindle was completely disassembled when it arrived at our shop for evaluation & quoting. The customer did not provide the original bearings, but they did send some new bearings and a seal. Unfortunately, some of the bearings were not appropriate for the spindle. The tooling taper, drive dogs & inner bearing spacer all had significant damage, and the rear of the drawbar shaft had been sheared off. You could say that this one was a bit rough.


The first step upon approval of our quote was to have our in-house grinding & machining department manufacture a new inner bearing spacer, and perform a grind/plate/regrind of the tooling taper.  We reassembled the spindle with all new bearings, drawbar shaft & Bellevilles, drive dogs, o-rings & assembly c-clips, snap rings & screws. After running up the spindle to break in the permanent grease, final trim balance & thermal & vibration checks, the spindle was released to the customer looking a tad better than when it arrived (in several boxes.)


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