Voumard VMX120 Spindle Repair

Voumard VMX120 Spindle Rebuild

This spindle had catastrophic rear bearing failure. The picture below shows the rear bearings (to the right) got extremely hot. The rear housing was egg shaped which may have caused the ball cage (white at the top of the picture) to not move freely. As the spindle heats up the shaft grows and if the ball cage does not allow thermal expansion the rear bearings become excessively preloaded and fail.

Possible cause of failure:

  • Catastrophic rear bearing failure
  • Rear bearing ball cage is melted to the rear bearing housing
  • Shaft journals are undersized
  • Rear housing is egged

Repair action:

  • Clean, inspect overall dimensions
  • Replace bearings
  • Grind chrome plate and regrind front and rear journals
  • Grind chrome plate and regrind rear housing ID
  • Grind chrome plate and regrind rear housing OD
  • Manufacture a new ball cage
  • Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in
  • Final quality control inspection


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