Wasino-Meister G3 Spindle Rebuild

Wasino-Meister G3 Spindle Repair


Amada Meister G3, 5000 RPM, greased bearings, direct coupling drive While we do see quite a few spindles from manual surface grinders, this spindle was from a CNC forming grinder from Amada Machine Tools (formerly known as Wasino.) This spindle is used for high-production, high-precision grinding of both surfaces and profiles. As is typical with so many grinding spindles from high production environments, the front bearing pair in this spindle had failed from coolant contamination.


Other than repairing some light damage to the spanner holes in the front shaft nut and replacing the contaminated bearings, this was a very straightforward repair.


Our customer was able to reinstall their spindle in like-new condition while experiencing minimal downtime. This rebuild was accomplished with an economical price backed by our one year in-service warranty.


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