Westwind D1410-01 Spindle Rebuild

Westwind D1410-01 Spindle Repair


Westwind D1410-01 air bearing spindle, 40,000 RPM stator drive When Northland Tool & Electronics was first established, our core business was the repair of air bearing spindles. While this is no longer the case, we do still offer rebuild of certain Westwind air bearing spindle models. This particular spindle suffered both an electrical short at the Cannon connector as well as a crash which allowed the shaft thrust face to rub out on the thrust plate. Fortunately, the stator was not damaged, the taper runout was less than 2µ, and we were able to refurbish the thrust plate in our machine shop.


Once all components needing attention were requalified and the spindle had been reassembled, it was run up in our test room and checked for axial & radial load, air & coolant flow, dynamic runout and vibration.


If you have an issue with an air bearing spindle, please feel free to contact us to discuss the feasibility of having us rebuild it.


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