Whitnon 331-2144-021 Our in-house machine shop to the rescue


Whitnon 331-2144-021, 5,000 RPM, grease lubrication, pulley driven

Our customer indicated to us that the bearings in this grinding spindle were very noisy during operation. What was readily apparent upon visual inspection was that the threaded stud for the wheel hub retention nut had been torn out of the hub. We test ran the spindle incoming anyway, but we could not detect any excessive bearing noise. A full disassembly and rebuild was still necessary so that we could work on the shaft in our machine shop.


We milled out the damaged remnants of the old stud, then manufactured and installed a new threaded stud. After balancing the repaired shaft on the Schenck balancing machine, we rebuilt the spindle with new bearings. Before we had completed the final test run, break-in, trim balance and final QC, our customer had already shipped us another spindle for disassembly, evaluation, quoting and rebuild. This rebuild, including time spent in our in-house machine shop, was accomplished on an expedited basis.

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