Summer Recommendations to Extend the Life of Your Spindle

Summer Recommendations to Extend the Life of Your Spindle

Summer Can Mean Stress for Your Spindle

Summer is almost here and Northland Tool & Electronics would like to bring a few things to your attention that can help extend the life of your spindles during this season.

Check your air dryers:

The increased humidity puts higher demands on your air systems, leading to the potential of water getting to your spindle bearings (in oil/air applications). It is much easier and cheaper to address it now with an air dryer than later with a spindle repair.


This is a common time for employees to leave for weeks at a time. If you are shutting their machine down for a week, take the time to wipe down the spindle to remove any coolant from the external surfaces. This will prevent accidental ingress of coolant to the bearings. Do not use an air gun as this tends to force coolant into the spindle.

After a week of sitting, it is always good practice to run the spindle through a warm up procedure. If your machine does not have this capability, keep an eye on the temperature of the spindle. Any temperature over 130 degrees Fahrenheit is too hot and you will want to shut down the spindle. Wait for it to come back to room temperature then repeat.

At Northland Tool & Electronics, we work closely with our customers to go above and beyond simply repairing your spindle. We provide: Spindle Care Seminars, Vibration Analysis, Lubrication System Inspection & Evaluation, Contamination Prevention Analysis, Cause of Failure Tracking, Spindle Upgrades, and more.

Contact our sales team to learn more about protecting your spindle, or with any other questions you may have regarding spindle repair and maintenance. And keep checking out our blog, where we are always sharing articles from the Northland team to help you get the most out of your spindle–including helpful hints and tips for a longer spindle life, repairs and case studies, and spindle basics. 

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