Mori Seiki NV-5000 Spindle Rebuild

Mori Seiki NV-5000 Spindle Rebuild

The rotor of this spindle had broken loose from the shaft causing end play or axial movement of the shaft. This damaged the #1 bearing oil injector causing an interruption in lubricant flow and ultimately bearing failure. This spindle has a roller bearing at the drive end of the shaft. Northland Tool & Electronics not only provides this bearing but we also set its preload for our customers. This not only makes it easier on the spindle installer it also insures optimum bearing life.

Possible cause of failure:
Oil jet to the front bearing damaged so no oil was going to the front bearing. Front bearing failure.
Rotor hydraulics had moved, causing end play.
Taper has 3-4 microns run out
High spots on shaft from spun spacer

Recommended action:
Clean, inspect overall dimensions.
Replace ceramic quad set of bearings and high speed tapered roller.
Replace rotor, jet, front cover, guard, and housing from other spindle.
Kiss shaft taper
Kiss high spots on shaft.
Replace large and small ferrules, drive keys, and coolant plunger assembly.
Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.

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