Papas Fuma Spindle Rebuild

Famu PHS-912 FIVE Gruppo Parpas Spindle Repair


Famu PHS-912 FIVE Gruppo Parpas

Fischer TF2 ST “Evolution 500” two axis milling head 40000 RPM, stator drive, grease lubrication, HSK32 tool interface This two-axis milling head was factory-installed on a Famu PHS-912 FIVE machine by the Italian manufacturer Gruppo Parpas. Our customer indicated that a coolant component had failed, flooding the spindle which caused the drive to trip the machine off. Our inspection showed that one phase of the stator had burned out. We also determined that the bearing grease had been severely contaminated, and that spindle had several significant dimensional issues as well.


Our comprehensive plan of action started with a stator rewind. We also performed several grind, chrome plate and finish grind operations to correct severe egging of the rear bearing housing ID & OD, fretted and undersized front & rear bearing journals, excessive runout of the HSK32 taper & face, and brinelling of the ball cage housing ID. We balanced the spindle shaft with all installed components on our Schenck machine, and then reassembled the spindle with the rewound stator and the precision ground components. We installed new ceramic bearings, Belleville springs, tool gripper fingers, o-rings and assembly screws, and finally ran up the spindle to break in the grease and check the vibration and thermal characteristics.


Our customer specified an expedited delivery schedule due to their position as a specialized vendor to the United States Department of Defense. Despite the extensive work scope entailed in this rebuild, the team at Northland Tool was able to meet our customer’s expectations and contribute in some small way to the ongoing defense of our nation.


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