Northland Tool’s Warranty


Northland Tool & Electronics, Inc. (NTE) warrants that proper workmanship and parts without defect will be used in the repairing or rebuilding of spindles. Any parts that prove to be defective under normal use will be replaced or repaired and any improper workmanship will be corrected at no charge to the customer under the limitations and conditions as set forth below.


  • The warranty time limit is for a period of twelve (12) months for a machine tool spindle commencing from the time the rebuilt or repaired item is originally shipped from NTE.
  • Warranty does not apply if the spindle has been subjected to accident, damage during installation or otherwise, abuse, incorrect service, misuse, or alteration.
  • Warranty does not apply if the spindle has been subject to contamination or improper lubricant.
  • NTE assumes no liability for any secondary or consequential damages such as those for downtime, lost business, spindle removal cost, etc. associated with a warranty issue.
  • This Warranty is effective exclusively with the original NTE customer.
  • NTE will assume the cost of standard ground return transportation to the customer for all items covered under this Warranty.
  • This Warranty is strictly limited to the terms stated herein.  No other warranties, expressed or implied, or additional remedies including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use are granted or shall apply.
  • The terms of this Warranty shall be applied consistent with and under the laws of the State of New Hampshire.