Save Time and Money with SpindleCheck

Part rejection, spindle failure, and unexpected down time hurt your ability to deliver to your customers. Preserve your reputation and save time, money and frustration – know how your machine is performing. You don’t have to guess. Be confident. Know your machine tool.

Northland Tool has partnered with Lion Precision to give our customers an easy-to-use, high-precision solution to monitor spindle performance.


Operate your machines with confidence

  • Proactively test spindle condition and track capabilities

  • Decrease downtime and operate safely and efficiently

  • Quickly test after a crash to assess damage

  • Gain insights to accelerate troubleshooting

  • Generate comprehensive machine capability reports

Why SpindleCheck?

Measuring machine performance is a valuable practice that affects the bottom line. Many high-precision shops regularly use a telescoping ballbar to measure and track machine performance. Spindle performance also plays a major role in part quality and in lost machine time due to failure.

Predictive Maintenance

Don't wait for bad parts or catastrophic failure. SpindleCheck your machines on a regular basis. As a machine and its spindle begin to wear and error motions increase, you can proactively plan for machine downtime and a spindle rebuild. Because SpindleCheck is easy to use, downtime is limited.

Qualify New Equipment

Before signing off on a new tool worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, use SpindleCheck to verify that it will perform as promised. Insist on SpindleCheck data for your new machine.

Spindle Rebuilds – or Not?

When machines are not performing as expected, people often rebuild the spindle.  Rebuild costs and lost production time from the machine make this an expensive guess. Rather than rebuild the spindle and cross your fingers, you can SpindleCheck the machine. If there’s a spindle crash or increase in bad parts, you can know how the spindle is performing with a quick SpindleCheck. Make an informed decision. If you decide to have the spindle rebuilt, SpindleCheck the rebuild and be sure you got what you paid for.

Better Understand Thermal Effects

Thermal distortion is the single biggest contributor to feature location and dimensional errors in machined parts. SpindleCheck for thermal drift to know how long a machine needs to warm up before it stabilizes. You can also know how the point of machining moves with changes in the ambient temperature and discover if your chiller is making things better or worse. Knowledge is power.

ISO 9001 and Regulatory Compliance

Certification of processes and ongoing verification are basic ISO 9001 requirements. Some regulatory agencies also require verification that processes are within acceptable parameters. SpindleCheck provides a way to meet those requirements.

Sample: Machine Capability Report


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