Kuraki KH80 Spindle Repair

Kuraki KH80 Spindle Rebuild
Possible cause of failure:
Bearings failed from coolant contamination(front quad set have coolant residue in them)
Shaft taper is bell mouthed.
Drawbar shaft and bellvilles are very pitted and rusted
Gripper fingers are showing signs of wear
Rear 85mm roller journal is undersized by -4/-6(iso is +3/+13)
Tap broken off inside of a hole in the shaft tail

Recommended action:
Clean, inspect overall dimensions.
Grind plate grind BT 50 taper and 85mm rear roller journal on shaft
Grind plate grind drawbar shaft
Remove broken off tap in shaft tail
Replace bearings, drawbar shaft, grippers, bellvilles, o-rings
Adjust preload, balance, assemble and break in. Final quality control inspection.

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