Myford Spindle Repair

Myford Spindle Repair


This Myford spindle was completely seized when it arrived to us. Our technician released the shaft lock, but discovered that the lockup pin was stuck. The rear thrust bearings were rough when rotated by hand, indicating contamination and significant wear. Inspection of the hydraulic oil revealed contamination, but the spindle shaft and oil bearing surfaces were in very good condition. Dimensional analysis showed that the front collet ID taper had high runout of 6-7µ. Motor shaft OD & drive pulley ID, and flat drive belt were heavily worn.  


We repaired the lockup pin and manufactured a new drive pulley. Grinding was done to the motor shaft OD and the front collet ID taper to remedy high runout. This repair included a new replacement of thrust bearings, seals, o-rings, flat drive belt, assembly screws, and hydraulic oil. We adjusted the oil gap for front bearing and thrust bearing preload, reassembled and broke in. This spindle passed a rigorous final quality control inspection before being shipped back to our customer and put back into service.

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