Ares Seiki R450S Spindle Repair

Ares Seiki R450S Spindle Repair


This customer experienced a machine crash that caused damage to their Ares Seiki R450S spindle. Upon our initial inspection, the front bearings felt rough when rotated by hand. The grease did not appear to be contaminated, but the bearings were dry. Further evaluation revealed that the tooling taper ID had significant rub-out damage at the mouth. This customer sometimes uses BIG Plus tooling, requiring this repair to meet specification. The gripper fingers (collet) had significant wear and damage, while the drive dogs (keys) showed normal wear from regular use.


This repair required a grind, chrome plate & finish grind to the tooling 30 taper ID and kiss grind the face to bring back to Big-Plus spec. We replaced all bearings, Bellevilles, o-rings, and assembly screws. The original drive keys were reused. We were not able to obtain new OEM replacement grippers, but the customer was able to provide usable grippers from a different spindle they had in their possession. All Northland Tool spindle repairs undergo an intensive process to adjust preload, balance the shaft, assemble, and break in before passing a rigorous final quality control inspection. Each Northland Tool repair is backed by our one-year warranty.  


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