Fanuc Robodrill Spindle Repair

Fanuc Robodrill Problem Solving


This Robodrill spindle is from a customer that we initially helped by trouble shooting their spindle problems and since then we have done all their repairs for several years. Before they used us for repair they were exchanging spindles with the OEM. They were not happy with the price, delivery and they were having part quality issues. We did an on site evaluation of their process and found high vibration on the OEM exchange spindles.



The OEM was not sending the spindles to them with the front balance ring installed. The customer was forced to remove the ring from the bad spindle and use it on the replacement. This meant the balance was never to spec as the spindle must be trim balanced as an assembly on a proper test stand. Balancing a spindle in the machine is extremely difficult because the spindle is now rigid mounted in the machine and the balancing probes have a difficult time finding the correct phase angle and amplitude of the imbalance.



Once we addressed the balance issue, the part quality problems disappeared. We are able to keep our customer running with our competitive pricing and turnaround times.

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