FEMCO HL-55S Spindle Repair | Case Study | Northland Tool

The FEMCO HL-55S is a slant bed lathe with a 35 hp spindle and 2-speed gearbox.



Upon disassembly and inspection, our technician determined the main cause of spindle failure was due to contaminated bearings.  The faces of most of the spacers for the spindle were not flat. The pulley keyway had some minor damage to it and the front of the shaft showed some fretting where the front bearings were installed. The taper OD felt rough and had visible pockmarks.


All parts to be reused were thoroughly cleaned. We performed a surface grind to the spacers to improve flatness. Damage to the pulley keyway was removed manually with stone/file/grind. Fretting on the shaft was cleaned and removed.  All new NSK bearings were installed, and adjusted for preload.


This spindle passed our rigorous testing and quality control process before being sent back to our customer to be put back in service. Northland Tool stands behind every spindle repair with a 1-year warranty.


  • femco-incoming-spindle

    FEMCO HL-55 spindle before inspection and dissassembly

  • femco-incoming-shaft-spindle

    Shaft before cleaning

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