GMN HSX 100-75000/5 Spindle Repair

GMN HSX 100-75000/5 Spindle Repair

The GMN HSX 100-75000/5 is a high speed grinding spindle that is oil lubricated and stator driven capable of running up to 75,000RPM.


Our customer sent in this GMN HSX 100-75000/5 spindle stating it was seized.  Once the spindle arrived at Northland Tool we completed a full disassembly and evaluation.

This is what we found:

  • Front #1 bearing had a brown particulate contamination and felt very worn (Pic 1)
  • The rear bearings were contaminated with a brown particulate
  • Front ID Pilot had 6µ of run out
  • Front bearing journal had 4µ of run out
  • Front shaft nut got pinched against the threads and had to be cut off
  • Front cover showed signs of uneven contact and rocked on a flat surface



The following actions were performed on this GMN HSX 100-75000/5 spindle:

  • Replace bolts, o-rings, bearings, front shaft nut
  • Grind-Plate-Grind (GPG) front ID Pilot and front bearing journal
  • Skim front cover due to uneven contact and being bent



After reassembly of all components and adjusting bearing preload this spindle passed our final quality inspection before being returned to our customer with a 1-year warranty.


  • GMN HSX 100-75000/5 Spindle Repair

    Brown Contamination (Pic 1)

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