Makino A81 Spindle Repair

Makino A81 Spindle Repair
6,000 rpm

A contract manufacturer was installing their Makino A81 spindle when someone hit the X travel and jammed the spindle into the housing. The spindle was not entirely in the machine so damage did occur. When the spindle was pulled from the machine they found when the shaft was spun by hand the bearings sounded rough. They called Northland Tool and requested an expedited rebuild on their milling spindle. Once we received the spindle it was determined that the bearings would need to be replaced. We also found that the shaft taper needed to be ground, we needed to repair the front nut and we would have to manufacture a new shaft spacer.

Our machinist was able to produce a new spacer and repair the nut within 24 hours. During the machining process we also ground the taper to remove the run out caused by the crash. Our spindle technician carefully assembled the spindle paying special attention to the mating parts to make sure any damage from the crash was repaired.

The spindle was test run on one of our custom test run stands. The spindle passed the quality control inspection and shipped out to the customer in 5 days. The cost for this spindle repair through Northland Tool was significantly less than going back to the OEM.

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