Okuma GA-34F Spindle Repair

Okuma GA-34F Spindle Repair

The Okuma GA-34F is a CNC angle head cylindrical grinder.  This is a grease and oil film lubricated spindle that is capable of running up to 600 rpm.


When this Okuma GA-34F spindle arrived at Northland Tool and Electronics the first thing we noted was that the spindle shaft has places where it would stick and the bearings felt worn when spun by hand.  After disassembly and evaluation, we found that oil had flooded the rear bearings and washed the grease out.  Lastly, the shaft was bent and will need to be fixed in grinding.  There were no other dimensional deviations.



The following actions were performed on this Okuma GA-34F spindle:

  • Clean, inspect overall dimensions
  • Replace bolts, bearings, o-rings, and Seals
  • Grind, chrome plate, and finish grind (GPG) the front bearing journal
  • GPG Front OD Taper
  • Kiss Grind rear OD Taper
  • Fix bend in the middle of the shaft



After reassembly of all components, adjusting bearing preload, and undergoing break-in and testing procedures, this spindle passed our final quality inspection before being returned to our customer with a 1-year warranty.

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